Solid cast large D Ring buckles snap hook adjuster with bar moulded APRtriangle

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This is a solid cast brass D ring made out of brass alloy. Cast D rings are much stronger than wire formed, and recommended for use on dog collars horse tack etc where safety is paramount.

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Brand: Green Grizzly
Material: Brass alloy, colour plated.
Type: Brass casted ring.

The D-ring remains in a fixed raised position, making it very easy to attach clips.

They have a subdued sheen and will compliment your bag or other projects you are working on.

Breaking Strength can be varied with respect to individual applications. 

Products should be tested in their specific application. Brand New! Made of Non Toxic High-Quality Materials.


 All details and measurements are offered as reference only and are not to be used as guaranteed performance figures. All items should be tested in their specific application.


 - Actual Dimensions may differ slightly

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